Air Bag Failure to Deploy

Defective Air Bag

Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize they have faulty airbags in their cars until after an accident. By then, you might suffer serious injuries that can require multiple surgeries or physical therapy. If you or a loved one was injured when an air bag failed to deploy in an accident and protect you from the rigid surfaces of your car, contact our firm today.

Contact Hall & Lampros, LLP to schedule a free consultation to discuss your accident. By working with engineers, industry professionals and accident reconstructionists, we can begin to fully understand the reasons your restraint system failed to prevent serious injury in an accident. We understand that air bags will not prevent every injury, but when it fails to properly deploy, an air bag gives you no protection at all.
There are several reasons that can cause an air bag failure to deploy, including:

  • Defective impact sensors
  • Defective or damaged electronics
  • Design defects
  • Use of inferior materials
  • Faulty installation

Whether your injury is the result of failure to deploy, late deployment or overpowered deployment, we encourage you to contact our firm. You might be able to recover compensation for lost wages, medical treatment, and pain and suffering through a personal injury lawsuit. We will examine the facts of your case and provide a realistic assessment of the obstacles you might face through litigation. Trust our experience and our dedication to honest communication to guide you through this ordeal.

Our experience in high-stakes personal injury litigation enables us to readily call on the right experts to assess your immediate and long-term damages. We seek recoveries that address the true costs of work-ending and life-changing injuries or a tragic wrongful death in your family.

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