Bridge & Roadway Collapse

Bridge & Roadway Collapse

When big corporations are submitting bids to States and Local Governments to build the highways and bridges that we drive on, they often under bid the job so that they can win the contract.

A natural consequence of this process is that the winning contractor and engineering firm forgets (or deliberately ignores) to follow the basic industry standards in building safe roadways and bridges. When a bridge collapses, due to faulty engineering and a contractor’s decision to cut corners to turn a profit, people will be injured and/or killed.

A bridge collapse or roadway case is extremely expensive to prosecute from beginning to end. Thousands of documents must be read by experts who charge hundreds of dollars per hour. A highway collapse or bridge collapse case can costs over a million dollars to prosecute. You must hire a law firm who has the financial resources and experience to handle a case of such magnitude. The Defendants will hire some of the best Defense lawyers in the Country to try to save millions and when you make a selection for your attorney, select one with the experience and financial resources to fight for your rights against even the biggest conglomerate Corporations.

Our experience in high-stakes personal injury litigation enables us to readily call on the right experts to assess your immediate and long-term damages. We seek recoveries that address the true costs of work-ending and life-changing injuries or a tragic wrongful death in your family.

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