Car Accidents

Car Accidents

One of the most potentially dangerous activities we perform each day in our daily lives is taking to the roadways. Serious car accidents occur on Georgia highways, the streets of Atlanta and nationwide. The causes are as diverse as the drivers and vehicles involved — from drunk driving and gross negligence to simple driving mistakes and mechanical failures.

After a minor crash, you may find it fairly straightforward to recover an insurance settlement for property damage. When serious injuries or a fatality are involved, it can be essential to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who will investigate the auto accident thoroughly and pursue fair, just compensation.

There is no question that injuries and deaths due to motor vehicle accidents continue to be a major public health concern. In fact, in 2002, over 42,000 people died and nearly 3,000,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, the Federal Government reports that motor vehicle crashes had a total economic impact of over 230 Billion Dollars in the year 2000.  Serious crashes can cost a victim more than a million dollars over his or her lifetime.

Protecting and Pursuing Your Legal Rights after an Auto Accident

At Hall & Lampros, we are extremely aggressive in pursuit of justice and fair recoveries for car accident, trucking accident and motorcycle accident victims. When possible, you should protect your case by:

  • Making sure you get copies of police reports and names of any witnesses
  • Refusing to give statements to insurance company adjusters or other representatives
  • Contacting an attorney you can trust as soon as possible after the accident

Evaluating All Factors and Angles to Build Your Case for Compensation

Successful car accident litigation — targeting the maximum financial recovery for victims who may face lifelong medical expenses and the burden of lost income — calls for an all-out investigative effort. We call on qualified accident reconstruction experts and engineers to analyze factors that may be critical in determining fault and liability, such as:

  • What the position of vehicles, an impact analysis and other evidence reveals about what caused the crash
  • Whether the other driver involved was intoxicated, distracted or otherwise negligent
  • Whether auto defects such as tire or brake failure, air bag or seat back failure, or other vehicle design shortcomings may have caused or worsened the outcome

Our experience in high-stakes personal injury litigation enables us to readily call on the right experts to assess your immediate and long-term damages. We seek recoveries that address the true costs of work-ending and life-changing injuries or a tragic wrongful death in your family.

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