Brain Injury

Brain Injury

If you or someone in your family received a serious head injury in a motor vehicle collision, industrial accident or other cause, the advice of personal injury attorneys experienced with the investigation and proof of complex damages claims can help maximize the value of your settlement or jury verdict.

Hall & Lampros has a nationwide reputation for outstanding results in complex accident litigation. In brain and head injury cases, there is especially high potential for sharp disputes of fact or problems of proof when the plaintiff and defendants disagree about the nature and extent of the injuries. Working with experienced trial attorneys who know how to overcome difficult evidentiary obstacles or stiff defense opposition can make a significant difference in your outcome.

Statewide, Regional and National Client Service in TBI Cases

In traumatic brain injury (TBI) litigation, there is often a great deal of room for argument about the severity and expected duration of the victim’s injuries. Each side can usually enlist credible expert support for its position. At Hall & Lampros, we leave nothing to chance in the proof of brain injury claims, whether classified as mild, moderate or severe.

If the medical evidence indicates the prospect of a long recovery or a permanent disability of any kind, even on the subtle symptoms that are often characteristic of a closed head wound, our brain injury lawyers will develop and present fully documented and highly persuasive evidence showing just what it will take to compensate you fairly for the current and future losses associated with your accident.

We represent clients in brain injury cases that result from many different causes:

  • Car accidents
  • Bridge or roadway collapses
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Injuries on the job
  • Construction accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Railroad accidents
  • Boating accidents

Our experience proving damages claims in complex brain injury cases against multiple defendants represents a powerful litigation advantage for accident victims. Our attention to detail in severe injury cases ensures that no relevant element of loss will be overlooked in presenting your demand for compensation.

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