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Marietta Employment Lawyer

attorneys Chris Hall & Andrew LamprosThe experienced attorneys at Hall & Lampros, LLP focus on overtime violations. Our experienced Marietta employment attorneys understand the importance of employers fairly compensating employees. Employment law is a complex practice area and is subject to regular changes.

There are options when employers fail to adhere to employment regulations or take advantage of workers. Employment law attorneys will fight for justice and advocate on your behalf. Call a seasoned lawyer at Hall & Lampros, LLP at 404-876-8100, or click here to schedule a consultation for employment law violations including overtime violations.

The Areas of Employment Law

Federal and state laws encompass business and employment relationships. Employment law statutes protect workers in areas including:

  • Violations of overtime and other wage laws
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment and Assault
  • Equal employment opportunity disputes
  • Unfair treatment and discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Unsafe work environments and conditions
  • Whistleblower protections
  • Retirement and health benefits

Employment laws such as wage and overtime requirements protect workers within many industries. The Marietta employment lawyers at Hall & Lampros, LLP represent workers during employment and wage disputes.

You do not have to do this on your own. To us, you are a friend or family member.

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Marietta Overtime Attorney

The Fair Labor Standards Act and Right to Overtime Pay for Non-Exempt Employees

Federal and state laws are in place to prevent employers from exploiting hourly wage earners. Employees must remember they have legal rights even when the employer makes them feel as if they do not.

The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA is federal employment legislation. Its purpose is to establish employer and employee relationship standards. Most non-exempt employees in the state earning under $455 a week are eligible for overtime pay. The Act also qualifies all workers within specific fields requiring manual labor. It protects construction and factory workers and ensures overtime for all hours they work over 40 weekly. There is also a stipulation for all first responders to receive coverage. That includes paramedics, firefighters, and police officers.

Businesses must pay workers for every hour of work they provide. When they work over 40 hours, the employer must pay overtime rates to all non-exempt employees. Compensable time includes hours the employer requires the worker to be on the premises or a designated work area. When employers mistreat workers and do not adhere to applicable laws, there are remedies for workers to pursue.

Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt Status: Exempt refers to employees that do not qualify for overtime and other benefits provided by the Fair Labor Standards Act. They receive a regular and predetermined salary at regular intervals. While the law does not make organizations pay these workers overtime, they may compensate them for extra time if they choose. Non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime and other protections under the statute. A knowledgeable lawyer at Hall & Lampros, LLP can answer your employment law questions and ensure your legal rights are protected.

Exceptions to Overtime Regulations in Georgia: While the laws entitle most hourly workers to overtime pay, some exceptions exist. The position and duties must meet one of the four categories to be exempt from overtime laws. Those are executive, administrative and outside sales. Workers falling into one of the four categories do not receive federal and state protections. The following positions are examples of exempt employees.

  • Salaried executive positions
  • Administrative positions with no manual labor
  • Professional positions, including certified teachers or computer specialists meeting minimum salary requirements
  • Outside sales professionals with commission-based salary structures

The Salary Basis Test: To pass the salary basis test, workers must receive a predetermined sum of money each pay period. Paychecks do not vary depending on the hours they work in the pay period. Varying compensation depending on work hours is a non-exempt employment position. They must receive overtime for extra work hours and other statute protections.

Contact a Qualified Employment Law Attorney for Help Regarding Employer Overtime Violations

If you believe your employer is withholding pay for overtime hours and committing wage violations, you have the right to file a claim. Skilled employment law legal professionals pursue compensation on the worker’s behalf. They ensure employers pay their employees for any time, service, and hard work the business owes them. Employment laws govern the legal rights and responsibilities in employer and employee relationships.

Marietta Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Hall & Lampros has recovered millions on behalf of victims of sexual harassment. There are important deadlines that must be met to preserve claims for sexual harassment. Hall & Lampros lawyers will provide a free consultation to Marietta residents about their potential sexual harassment claims. Please visit our sexual harassment page for more information about your rights.

Marietta Race Discrimination Lawyers

We have recovered millions on behalf of victims of race discrimination.  There are filing deadlines that must be met to preserve race discrimination claims. Hall & Lampros lawyers will provide Marietta residents with a free consultation to discuss their race discrimination matter. Please visit our race discrimination page for more information relating to race discrimination claims.

Call an experienced Marietta overtime attorney at Hall & Lampros, LLP, at 404-876-8100 if you need help with an employer overtime dispute. They will advocate to protect your overtime rights and achieve the best potential outcome.