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Machine shop industrial accidentOver $400 million recovered

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Hall & Lampros, LLP have recovered millions in industrial accidents including for injuries and death caused by explosions, fire, electrocution, failure to lockout/tagout, platform collapse, defective concrete support, defective rebar, defective pressure parts, defective machinery, and toxic substance exposure.

Industrial accident litigation is complex because there are overlapping issues of workers’ compensation, employer-in-fact issues, and multiple on-site potentially responsible contractors and product/equipment suppliers. You need an Atlanta industrial accident lawyer who’s been there before and who has the experience and financial power to identify all potentially responsible parties, to hire the best (and often most expensive) industrial causation experts and win the case.


You need an experienced lawyer to handle your industrial accident case because (1) industrial accidents are complex; (2) industrial accidents involve high stakes and high costs; (3) industry defendants hire defense lawyers with extensive industrial experience and can only be combatted by a lawyer with similar skill and experience; and (4) parties that cause the accident may seek to limit your recovery with a workers compensation defense that requires detailed knowledge of the exceptions to workers compensation immunity.

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Industrial Accidents are Complex

Industrial accidents require specialized skill and experience because they are high stakes matters with complex causative factors.  Industrial accidents – whether it be a boiler explosion, pressure vessel explosion, electrocution, defective machinery accident, platform collapse, or any of the many other types of accident – are usually caused by multiple factors and often involve multiple responsible (or potentially responsible) parties.   Hall & Lampros attorneys have handled each of these types of complex accidents.

The Georgia industrial accident lawyer you choose must have experience dealing with industrial accident investigations, understand the mechanics and physics of industrial accidents, and must have the skill and resources to go against defense lawyers that are well-versed in industrial accident defense.  

Industrial accidents often are caused by multiple causative factors. Responsible parties that can contribute to cause such accidents include co-workers, management, equipment inspection providers, machine designers, machine manufacturers, water treatment providers, maintenance providers, air ventilation systems installers/designers, pressure part welders, training providers, fire suppression system providers, emergency response teams, and many other parties.  Your lawyer must be able to identify all contributors to the cause of the industrial accident.  Your lawyer also should have good relationships with experts to assist in these complex cases.

Industrial Accidents Involve High Stakes and High Costs

Industrial accidents often cause catastrophic damages making the litigation high stakes.  Industrial accident lawyers must go to the scene as quickly as possible and hire industry specific experts to examine all of the possible contributing factors.  A proper investigation into an explosion is usually expensive, and you need lawyers with the financial power to secure the evidence, engage the best (and often most expensive) technical experts, and diligently pursue the case.

industrial welderIndustrial Accident Defendants Hire Experienced Lawyers With Industrial Accident Experience. 

When a company suffers an industrial accident, they immediately begin to plan their defense against possible lawsuits.  This involves hiring the best industrial accident defense lawyers.  These lawyers are well versed in the complexities of such accidents and do whatever can be done to blame the accident on others.  The Defendants always hire lawyers with industrial accident experience.  A Plaintiff must do the same.

Your Lawyer Must Understand the Workers Compensation Scheme and Identify Third-Party Liability

Workers’ compensation will limit what an injured person can recover against their employer in a workers compensation accident. Often, other entities will claim to be a “statutory employer” and seek workers compensation immunity.  Your lawyer needs to know how to combat such defenses.

Importantly, workers’ compensation usually will not apply to claims against third parties such as equipment manufacturers, maintenance contractors and others who may have been the major causes of an accident. Victims and their lawyers need to examine potential third-party liability when analyzing industrial accident claims. Claims against third parties can lead to recovery of damages that far exceed those available under workers compensation laws, including lost income, other financial losses, medical care, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and other resulting damages.

Your Lawyer Should Have Experience Working with Organized Labor

Industrial accidents often involve facilities that are unionized.  Unions can provide helpful information and support relating to industrial accidents.  Your lawyers should be experienced working with organized labor relating to the case.  

Industrial Accident Injuries Are Complex

Industrial accident injuries often include burns, paralysis, and lost limbs.  These types of injuries require lifelong care.  Your lawyers must have experience with lifecare plans and best treatment options for such victims.  Hall & Lampros lawyers have handles many industrial cases, including cases involving severe burns, paralysis, and amputation.  We understand that treatment issues, painful conditions, and lifelong challenges that these types of injuries require. 

Industrial Accidents Require Fast Action and Preservation of Evidence

Our lawyers are dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of injured and killed workers and their families. Hall & Lampros, LLP can and will travel to the accident scene within hours.  Evidence needs to be secured, and potentially responsible parties must be required to preserve all evidence including all evidence “at-the-scene, but also all relevant maintenance records, staffing and training records, testing and machine certification records, and other types of similar evidence.

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