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Atlanta Industrial Accident Lawyer

Machine shop industrial accidentHall & Lampros, LLP have recovered millions in industrial accidents including for injuries and death caused by explosions, fire, electrocution, fire, and toxic substance exposure. Industrial accident litigation is complex because there are overlapping issues of workers’ compensation, employer-in-fact issues, and multiple on-site potentially responsible contractors and product suppliers. You need lawyers who’ve been there before and who have the experience and financial power to identify all potentially responsible parties, to hire the best (and often most expensive) industrial causation experts and win the case.

Industrial accidents often lead to catastrophic maiming injuries or death. Industrial accidents result from many causes – defectively designed, manufactured, installed or maintained equipment, malfunctioning equipment, explosions, electrocution, and exposure to toxic substances, just to name a few. Workers’ compensation regulates and limits recoveries that an employee victim of an industrial accident may have against his employer, and our lawyers assist employees in securing their workers’ compensation rights.

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Workers’ compensation, however, usually will not apply to claims against third-parties such as equipment manufacturers, maintenance contractors and others who may have been the major causes of an accident. Victims and their lawyers need to examine potential third-party liability when analyzing industrial accident claims. Claims against third parties can lead to recovery of damages that far exceed those available under workers compensation laws, including lost income, other financial losses, medical care, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and other resulting damages.

industrial welderHall & Lampros, LLP lawyers have litigated and obtained substantial recoveries for workers and their families relating to many types of industrial accidents including explosions, malfunctioning equipment, faulty design, electrocution, exposure to toxic substances and other dangerous processes. Our Atlanta industrial accident lawyers are familiar with many types of injuries that happen in manufacturing and processing industries including paper mills, chemical factories, manufacturing facilities and other industrial settings. Our attorneys are experienced in working with organized labor whose priority is to enforce victim employee’s rights, take care of employee families, and ensure that legal proceeding do everything necessary to compel employers to supply safe work environments.

Our lawyers are dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of injured and killed workers and their families. Hall & Lampros, LLP can and will travel to the accident scene within hours.

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