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slip & fall signDo I Have a Slip and Fall or Other Premises Liability Claim?

Injuries suffered when you slip or trip on someone else’s property are generally called Slip and Falls. Slip and Falls are part of “premises liability.” Also included in the Premises Liability category are situations with unsafe holes in the ground, defective railings, and defective lighting. A property owner (or anyone who controls the property) generally is liable for unsafe conditions that the owner should have been aware of.

Witnesses and videos are very important in Slip and Fall cases because they can establish the unsafe condition of the property before the owner repairs or fixes the condition.

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  • Call 911: People sometimes don’t think to call 911 when they are injured on someone’s property. But if you are seriously hurt, it is important to call for police and medical attention. You must get the medical care you need and get the police to make a report.
  • Take Photos/Video: Take photos and video of whatever caused your injury. If you tripped or slipped due to something on the property it is very important for you to take photos and video if possible (because the property owner will fix the unsafe condition later). The photos and video will show the unsafe condition at the time of the injury.
  • Work with Police: when the police arrive, identify what happened to the police officer and explain all of your injuries and any painful condition that you are experiencing.
  • Identify Witnesses: it is important that you identify the names and information of all people who witnessed the incident or came to your aide. This is especially important in slip, trip, and falls because those witnesses can testify as to a dangerous condition (that later will probably be fixed by the property owner). It is important to get the names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses.

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