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Riverdale Personal Injury Lawyers

Riverdale, GA Personal Injury AttorneysWhen someone else causes a car accident or other type of personal injury in Riverdale, Georgia, they may be legally required to pay for the damages and losses they caused. In serious personal injury cases, like slip and fall cases, car crashes, truck accidents, and nursing home abuse situations, those damages can be significant enough to change a person’s life. A personal injury victim might not be able to return to the same job or even interact with loved ones like before the accident. Thankfully, help is available from Hall & Lampros, LLP.

The Riverdale personal injury lawyers at Hall & Lampros, LLP can help victims recover their losses and get compensation for their damages after an accident. Call 404-876-8100 for more information about how our legal team can help you.

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case arises in virtually any situation where someone else causes damage to another person. That damage is usually the result of an accident, but it can also be because of a deliberate act. Examples of personal injury cases include:

Almost every personal injury case will require the victim to show that their situation meets certain legal requirements.

Duty: First, the person who caused the damage must have had a duty to the personal injury victim. In Riverdale, Georgia, for example, each driver has a duty to everyone around them to drive in a safe way that follows all applicable laws.

Breach: The wrongdoer must have also breached (or violated) their duty. Perhaps the most common reason that accidents happen is that one driver was not following the rules of the road, such as stopping at stop signs, following the speed limit, or avoiding texting while driving. Ignoring laws in the state of Georgia can be a breach of the duty that other drivers owe to everyone around them.

Causation: The wrongdoer’s breach of their duty must have also caused the accident and resulting damages. For example, if someone was speeding, but the reason the accident happened was that someone else ran a red light, there might not be enough of a connection between the damages and the cause of the accident to recover any money damages. However, every situation is different, so consider visiting with the dedicated Riverdale personal injury attorneys at Hall & Lampros, LLP to learn more about your legal options.

Damages: The monetary damages a victim can receive after a personal injury in Riverdale, Georgia are based on the losses or damages caused by the accident. That means that if there are no real damages or injuries, a personal injury victim likely cannot recover much from their legal claim.

Dealing With Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Cases

Many personal injury cases trigger insurance coverage. In a slip and fall accident, for example, a business’s property insurance or individual’s homeowners’ insurance might cover a fall that occurred on their property in Riverdale, Georgia. The insurance company will often reach out for a statement after an accident. They will investigate the claim and start to determine what your case is “worth” based on the circumstances and any resulting injuries or damage.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to take advantage of personal injury victims by offering very low settlements or denying these claims altogether. An experience Riverdale personal injury attorney at Hall & Lampros, LLP can communicate with the insurance company to protect personal injury victims’ rights. They will negotiate settlements, gather information, and provide information in a way that will not jeopardize your claim.

Get Legal Help in Riverdale, GA from Hall & Lampros

The personal injury attorneys at Hall & Lampros can help personal injury victims in Riverdale, Georgia. You have limited time to assert your claim in personal injury cases in the state of Georgia. Learn more about your legal options by speaking with a compassionate and experienced Riverdale personal injury attorney today. We look forward to visiting with you about your personal injury claim and helping answer all of your legal questions. Call or text 404-876-8100 to schedule your free consultation.