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Georgia’s Attorney General hasn’t explained why the State will not release dashcam video.

ATLANTA (Dec. 15, 2021) – Attorneys for the family of a man shot and killed during a traffic stop in South Georgia are calling on Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr to release dashcam video of this and other incidents involving former state trooper Jacob Thompson.

Thompson had a history of racial profiling along with a list of complaints accusing him of being overly aggressive, according to a GBI report, when he shot and killed Julian Lewis, a 60-yearold Black man, on Aug. 7, 2020, after a traffic stop in Screven County.

Thompson shot and killed Lewis within two seconds of pulling him over, the GBI report says, even though Lewis’ hands were on the steering wheel and his car had been disabled by the trooper’s pit maneuver. By all accounts, Lewis was unarmed and posed no threat of harm to the trooper or anyone.

Family of Julian Lewis“How could this have happened to Julian Lewis when this trooper was known to be aggressive?” said Andrew Lampros of Hall & Lampros LLP, an attorney for Lewis’ widow, Betty Lewis. “How can we prevent killings of this nature from happening again at the hands of Georgia State Troopers, or any law enforcement officers? We’re looking for answers. We also want to know why the Department of Public Safety – the department that employed the shooter – is refusing to release the video to the public – especially in light of Attorney General Carr’s public proclamations regarding transparency in state government.”

While the Georgia State Patrol fired Thompson over the incident, he was not indicted by a Screven County grand jury, Lampros said. Thompson now works as a firefighter with the City of Sylvania.

Andrew LamprosAkil Secret of The Secret Firm, also an attorney for the Lewis family, said, “We intend to bring to light these systemic issues: the harassment and mistreatment of Black drivers and the killing of someone who had not broken a law for which he should lose his life. Georgia’s Attorney General Carr and the Georgia State Patrol continuously minimize and decline to acknowledge that this harassment and injustice is a recurring problem with our law enforcement.”

Dashcam video of the incident is being withheld by the state the attorneys say.

“It’s a disgrace that the Attorney General has yet to release the dashcam video for this case,” added Bob Isaacson, also on the family’s legal team. “We will not stop until we have all the information about this unjust shooting, including the dashcam footage that is being withheld by the state.” Article: Attorneys Say State Leaders Also Responsible for Deadly Shooting by Trooper

AJC Article: Family of man killed by state trooper demands dashcam footage be released to public

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